Year: 2019

  • Black Doll, White Doll: The Racial Self Hate Test

    The study conducted in 1950 showed the effects of systemic racism and segregation and as a result the destruction of the self-esteem of Black children. The experiment done in Clarendon County S.C. involved 16 Black children, ages six through nine years of age. Eleven of the students described the Black doll as “bad” and nine described the White doll as “pretty” or “nice”. The test results influenced the U.S. Supreme Court decision; the Court would rule segregation to be unconstitutional in the Brown case in 1954. Overturning the “Separate but Equal” doctrine in 1952.

  • King Leopold II Should be Reviled as Stalin or Hitler; The Hidden African Holocaust

    Each man was responsible for a quota of raw materials, failure to satisfactorily reach the quota even once resulted in mutilation, feet, and hands being the most often targeted locations. If a man needed both hands to perform an assigned task, the hands of his wife or children would be severed in substitute for his own.

  • Byron Allen vs Comcast: The $20 Billion Lawsuit That Could Alter The 1866 Civil Rights Act rendering it Virtually Useless

    Comcast in its efforts to undermine the Reconstruction era protections against racial discrimination has appealed to the United States Supreme Court. Their argument is seeking to interpret the law in such a way that it can only be used if racial discrimination is 100% of the reason a business is being discriminatory. If only 1% of the discrimination is perceived to be from a non-racial standpoint, the business will not be held accountable for “mostly” racist practices. The Department of Justice under the Trump Administration filed an amicus brief on behalf of Comcast in an attempt to weaken a key protection against racial discrimination. Amicus briefs are legal documents filed in appellate court cases by non-litigants with a strong interest in the subject. The briefs advise the court of relevant, additional information or arguments the court may wish to consider. One of the most disturbing aspects of this case for me personally is the fact that; In 1866 the Andrew Johnson Administration was opposed to this very Civil Rights Act as well as the Trump Administration in 2019. An Act to level the playing field, to ensure all citizens are afforded the rights to equal protection under the law, and yet then as now they stand legally opposed.

  • Police Brutality; The Modern Form of Lynching

    Modern-day lynching is done under the guise of lawful policing, under the colour of law. State-sanctioned violence for the subjugation of a people. A system policing a people it was never meant to benefit.

  • The Black Vikings; Hidden By History

    Many of the exploits portrayed by the television series were actually done by the Black Norseman, such as the invasion of Dorset, England in 789 A.D. and Lindisfarne in 793, these were the first recorded Viking raids. The conspiracy here is the blatant omission of these ancient Black warriors to support the colonial and racialist narrative of European supremacy. This omission can not be passed off as accidental, there is simply to much evidence to support not only their existence but their accomplishments. Steeped in Historical records and Eye witness accounts of the time, These Black Norse Legends are worthy of being restored to their rightful place not only in Norse History but also world history.

  • The Ancient Sumerians Were in Fact a Black Civilization

    As it pertains to historical subjects, rarely if ever are we clearly informed as to the racial identity of a people or individuals. You naturally assume they are talking about people like themselves. We have been conditioned to make this assumption, when in fact; most often they are talking about you “Black People”. Whilst they enthusiastically write and fawn over the accomplishments of the ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamian s, Sumerians, and Atlantis; what they fail to tell you is… they were all Black Civilizations.

  • Concentration Camps; the Devils Punch bowl, Americas Dirty Little Secret

    Following the conclusion of the Civil War, Natchez Mississippi experienced an enormous influx of former slaves as new inhabitants. In response, the locals constructed an “encampment.” All the former slaves were gathered and forced to enter, the area walled off and they were refused the option to leave. This encampment after the atrocities were revealed would become known as the “Devils Punch bowl”.

  • The African Origin of European Civilization

    The Moors would rule Spain from 711-1492, 781 years. However, the white invasion of Africa and the Black invasion of Europe cannot be compared. The white invasion of Africa was meant to destroy its people and impoverish Africa. Conversely, the Black invasion of Europe resulted in the enrichment of Europe. The Moors introduced 17 new universities, people from Italy, France, Germany, and other European countries flocked to Spain to learn from the Moors. When the Moors invaded Spain they did not prevent Europeans from speaking their language or destroy their culture. They did not place them in chains, and they did not destroy the concepts they had of themselves. More importantly, The Moors did not miss-educate the Europeans. The White invasion of Africa was the exact opposite.

  • African History; Not Taught in Western Classrooms

    Ancient African civilizations are the foundation of human history. For thousands of years, the world has marveled at the excellence of Africa, its innovations, literature, science, technology, and architecture. Conversely, Africa and her achievements are rarely touted in Western classrooms where they prefer to credit the greatness of Africa to the Greek and Roman cultures. Here we will highlight a few of the interesting facts about Africa that are not taught in Western classrooms.

  • The Importance of African Rites of Passage

    Traditionally African ethnic groups used a complex ceremonial system to convey cultural principals and ideology, as well as the facilitation of the adolescent to adulthood transition. Presently these rites are referred to as rites of passage. Rites of passage critical in nation-building and African socialization. Specifying the contrasting stages of an individual’s development; as well as their relationship and role in the community. It is the promoting of social symbols that give a community its identity and integration of the person into something greater than themselves.