It’s easier to Conquer A People when you control their beliefs, Religion is the primary tool used in this endeavor.

Christians could not be Slaves

Black enslaved Mothers thought baptizing their children as Christians would make the child free because it was believed “Christians could not be slaves” of course this wasn’t true for blacks. However, it also indicates how many were converted to Christianity, in belief, it would eventually lead to their freedom, in this life or the next. In addition to trusting they’d be viewed as human beings as opposed to property.

The Virginia Slave Laws

“In 1639, Maryland became the first colony to specifically state that baptism as a Christian did not make a slave a free person.

September 1667

Whereas some doubts have arisen whether children that are slaves by birth, and by the charity and piety of their owners made partakers of the blessed sacrament of baptism, should by virtue of their baptism be made free, it is enacted and declared by this Grand Assembly, and the authority thereof, that the conferring of baptism does not alter the condition of the person as to his bondage or freedom; that diverse masters, freed from this doubt may more carefully endeavor the propagation of Christianity by permitting children, through slaves, or those of greater growth if capable, to be admitted to that sacrament”.

-Virginia Slave Laws 1662

The Slave Bible

Bibles given to slaves omitted most of the Old Testament.

The proponents of slavery’s justification often referred to a specific verse telling slaves to obey their masters. However, there were also references to argue against slavery, but not included in the redacted version of the slave bible.

Significant sections of the Old Testament are missing, approximately half of the New Testament as the slaves in Jamaica, Antigua, and the remaining Caribbean Islands were prohibited from access to anything that could possibly incite them to open rebellion.

Three years after the Haitian revolution, the first slave bible was published in 1807. The revolt itself being the first to successfully drive out their European and American invaders and form their own nation as a free people.


There was Increasing paranoia within European and American slave proponents of their slaves rising against them and killing them while they slept.

This paranoia and subsequent uprisings in the Caribbean and America, as well as the America Civil war, would eventually lead to the abolition of slavery, however, continued by another name through vagrancy laws, The Black Codes, Inmate Leasing Program, and Jim Crow.

Religious Indoctrination

Additionally, religious indoctrination continued and persist to the present day. We teach our children the same antiquated religious concepts taught to us by our parents who in turn were taught by their parents who were conditioned through the Slavery era Christianity via the Slave Bible… This is a Fact.

Dr. John Henrik Clarke

Dr. John Henrik Clarke

“History is a clock that tells A people their historical time of day. It is the compass that people use to locate themselves on the map of human geography. A people’s history tells a people where they are and what they are. More importantly, a proper understanding of history tells A people what they still must be and where they still must go.”

-Dr. John Henrik Clarke

Dr. Clarke spoke most often of modern religion being literally plagiarized from African Spirituality. Our Ancient ancestor’s concept of ‘God’ was an internal energy that dwelled within every Person as well as every living thing. As opposed to the European concept of ‘GOD’ as External.

Concept Corruption

The Europeans not completely understanding of the African concept, copied and corrupted it, although the Africans had yet named their belief system a name.

The Pluralism Project


There will be Bible/religious supporters lined up throughout the comment section spouting religious rhetoric to support their indoctrinated belief. However, this article is not meant to demean them or our enslaved ancestors who did whatever they had to for survival. This article is more so meant to highlight the connection between the two.

The indoctrination of Religious slave concepts serves largely the same function and purpose it did in 1807, the conditioning and control of an entire People. It is now our responsibility to ourselves as well as our children and their children to break this cycle of mental control. Religion has been used to control the masses since Constantine in 325 A.D. at the council of Nicaea.

“A People will never be free when they worship a God assigned to them by their oppressors, and they can never respect a black father in the home when they have a white father hanging on the wall.”

-Dr. John Henrik Clarke

By Bo Ajala