Professional historians have misrepresented facts, distorted truth and flat out lied about certain historical figures and civilizations to create and continue false narratives of European supremacy. In fact, they created a complete and separate category devoted to the African country of Egypt and called it Egyptology. There is literally no other country in the world that shares this distinction; there is no field of study called ‘Greekology’ or ‘Romanology’ etc. The reason is simple, the modern falsification of history.

The Sphinx

The subsequent invention of a hypocritical European pharaonic race, Egyptology began when French historian Count Constantine de Volney arrived in Ottoman Egypt in 1787, accompanying Napoleon Bonaparte’s invasion of Egypt. Upon the realization that Egypt was, in fact, founded by a Black civilization, Egyptology was born to find evidence to the contrary that would support their fictitious narrative of European supremacy. Count de Volney would later write, “Just think this race of Black Men, today our slave and the object of our scorn is the very race to which we owe our arts, sciences and even the use of speech. Just imagine, finally, that it is in the midst of people who call themselves the greatest friends of liberty and humanity, that one has approved the most barbarous slavery, and questioned whether Black Men have the same kind of intelligence as whites! In other words, the ancient Egyptians were true Negroes of the same stock as all the autochthonous peoples of Africa and from the datum one sees how their race, after some centuries of mixing with blood of Romans and Greeks, must have lost the full blackness of its original color but retained the impress of its original mold”. –Count Constantine de Volney 1787

Utilizing the Rosetta Stone, the hieroglyphics were deciphered in 1822 by Champollion the younger, who later died in 1832. He would leave to his younger brother Champollion-Figeac an Egyptian grammar, accompanied by a series of letters recorded during his visit to Egypt in 1828. Historians were astonished at the grandeur and perfection their discovery revealed and gradually accepted its significance. In light of its implications, imperialism deemed it increasingly inadmissible to accept a theory of a Negro Egypt. The birth of Egyptology was thus marked by the need to destroy the memory of a Negro Egypt to maintain their magisterial account. Their endeavor to perpetuate a fictional Pharaonic version is present and very much in play in the present day.  

Pharaohs from the 11th Dynasty

The Father Of Medicine

Official historical accounts are saturated with misleading information. With this in mind, if one were to Google search “the Father of medicine”, the answer quickly returns Hippocrates; he as history recounts was a Greek physician who lived from about 460 BC to 375 BC. He is credited with developing the first intellectual school devoted to teaching the practice of medicine. For this, he is widely known as the father of medicine by the western world. He is associated with the famous Hippocratic Oath, which is an ancient code of ethics for doctors, it is unknown if he actually wrote it or not. However, another name should be mentioned, his name is Imhotep.


Historians and Scientist have confirmed the origins of modern medicine was initiated in Egypt by an African named Imhotep and not by Hippocrates and the Greeks. Medical papyri dating back 3,500 years was written in 2,500 BC, thousands of years before the birth of Hippocrates. The entire ancient world recognized and celebrated his wisdom Hippocrates himself was a devotee. These medical documents discovered in the mid-19th century but suppressed because it validated the certainty of facts that were contrary to hypocritical racist views. Imhotep was the world’s first multi genius in addition to the first-named Physician, as well as the first architect, he is credited with building Egypt’s first pyramid. He is, without doubt, the first doctor, scribe, sage, astrologer, priest and vizier to Djoser the second King of Egypt’s third dynasty.

Medical Genius

It is also important to note in addition to being the world’s first physician, Imhotep was also the world’s first medical professor, not to mention a prodigious writer of many medical books. His many achievements include being the author of the Edwin Smith papyrus with an excess of 90 anatomical terms as well as 48 injury descriptions, founding the school of medicine in Memphis, which remained famous for more than 2 thousand years. These accomplishments and more preceded the birth of Hippocrates by 2,200 years. Sir William Osler would later write, “Imhotep was the first figure of a physician to stand out clearly from the mists of antiquity”. –Sir William Osler

Imhotep diagnosed and treated over 200 diseases, 11 of the bladder, 10 of the rectum, 29 of the eyes, 15 of the abdomen, 18 of the tongue, nails, hair, and skin. Imhotep also performed surgeries. If not for bigoted perspectives, the world would know Imhotep’s name and justifiably, he would be credited as the “Father of Medicine”. Other historical inaccuracies were forced into the world’s collective memory to reinforce a xenophobic narrative.

Pharaohs of the 12Th Dynasty

Greek Education

When Africans completed the construction of the pyramids in 2500 BC this preceded the writing of Homer’s Iliad by 1700 years, it is said that Homer lived in Egypt for seven years, where he studied law, philosophy, astronomy, and politics. Thales recorded as the first Greek philosopher and the first Greek to have studied in Africa asserts that he learned philosophy from the Egyptians. Other Greeks such as Plato studied at the temple of Wasat for 11 years. Socrates was also there, he founded the first Greek school of philosophy and science.

Kush Pharaoh Taharqa

The Greeks studied in Egypt because it was the educational capital of the ancient world. Pythagoras spent 22 years in Africa, as did Herodotus. These Greek philosophers and more studied at the knees of Africans, yet credit for educating the world’s most celebrated theorist remains withheld due to racism. It is safe to say that many of the philosophical quotes and theories attributed to notable Greek personalities are African in its origin.

The Land of God

Early Egyptian lineages originated in Ethiopia to Nubia and on to Kemet (Egypt), contrary to what some would lead you to believe, Black Africans called the Anu populated Egypt from south to north. These people came from the Great Lakes region and Southern Africa, they settled originally between Southern Egypt and modern-day Sudan. The very roots of Egypt are in The Great lakes region and southern Africa where the first modern humans originated. This explains why the Egyptians designated this area the Ta Ntjer, ‘The holy land’ or ‘The land of God.’ This heritage attained from the very heart of Africa for thousands of years would enable the Anu to build Egypt from south to north. Writing, agriculture, mathematics, etc. all invented within southern Africa and elevated to its peak by the Egyptians. “Egyptian civilization had thrived 10,000 years before the first European had a house with a window in it”. –Dr. John Henrik Clarke

The Ptolemaic Period

The Ptolemaic period lasted 275 years from 305 to 30 BC they were the last dynasty of ancient Egypt. This period marks the beginning of Greek rule. This brief period…Yes, I describe the period as brief in comparison to thousands of years preceding it…is where deceitful modern historians model their sectarian narrative of European dominance and supremacy. This is how they muddle the water, just enough to confuse the factual and historical account. European actors characterize every movie you have probably ever seen depicting the ancient Egyptians building the pyramids and Pharaonic rule even though during this period they had yet to learn to write. In fact, Black Africans had initiated and ruled ancient Egypt for thousands of years through the inception of modern civilization, the building of the Pyramids, development of the sciences, the first Universities and the overall evolution of mankind. This is the truth they work so desperately to deny. The African Origin of Civilization.

Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop

“Ancient Egypt was a Negro civilization; the history of Black Africa will remain suspended in air and cannot be written correctly until African historians dare to connect it with the history of Egypt”. –Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop


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