We authorize governments as the enforcers of good and evil, right and wrong; we give them license as tenet over us. We expect moral leadership from governments who by their very nature are not moral institutions. “Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right.” Governments have long since used lawful decrees as tools of oppression, under the color of law; governments have colonized entire civilizations.

Dr. Walter E. Williams


Colonization of one’s mind; is defined as the internalized belief of cultural and ethnical inferiority, consistent with the belief the cultural values of the colonizer are superior and eventually accepted as preferable to one’s own. Colonialism encompasses not only economics and politics but also more importantly consciousness. The colonial mentality is passed on through indoctrination, teaching someone to accept a conclusion without question. The Latin word for “teach,” doctrina is the root of indoctrinate, as of 1830, would be defined as forcing ideas and judgments on someone who is not allowed to question. Indoctrination and education are synonymous in the context of colonization; colonizers often under the guise of education introduce a curriculum devised to reinforce colonial concepts and ideals. Under colonial rule, governments control all education from nurseries to universities; this is essential in forming the colonized mind.

Dr. Carter G Woodson

Modern Educational System

The modern American educational system was never designed to truly educate, born at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution it was only meant to produce workers knowledgeable enough to work in factories, this system has not been modernized, and consequently, America’s educational world standing reflects as much. Additionally, the educational standards Blacks and other minorities are subjected too in some communities remain substandard, yet eerily reminiscent of education policies of a bygone era. Slaves were prohibited from learning to read or write by law. Shortly after the Emancipation proclamation in 1863, the Black codes were introduced in 1865 and 1866. The Black Codes were laws passed to restrict newly freed Blacks from liberties afforded to Whites and to compel them into another form of slavery.


There was, however, an additional objective of the Black Codes, and that was to reinforce the collective memory of subservience to their European masters. Although now, the institution of slavery had persisted within the United States for nearly 250 years, the dominant society persisted in its effort to emphasize its control over Blacks physically and mentally. The effects of mental colonization are transgenerational.

Colonization Vs Racism

In today’s world, the effects of mental colonization are sometimes combined with and confused alongside racism. One example would be; one enters a financial institution intent on applying for a loan, of course, there is the usual apprehension of acceptance and denial. However, there are times when the doubt is derived from the fear of denial due to one’s race. Some would confuse this, as simply ‘racism’ in fact mental colonization should also be considered by its very definition, due to the internalized belief of cultural and ethnic inferiority. Believing that one may not be considered fairly due to skin color and by definition ethnic inferiority. Racism and colonization are closely related; so much so, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between the two. Included in the indoctrination is the “know your place” mentality, we have been socialized to be violently aggressive towards other Blacks, but show deference to Europeans. Not to mention to constantly question ourselves, “if we are worthy of certain liberties routinely afforded to Europeans.

By chance, if Blacks are approved for the aforementioned loan, statistics show we are likely to pay interest rates far higher than our European counterparts are.

“Just because something is legal; doesn’t make it right”

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