University of Salamanca

“The First University built in Europe was at the hands of Africans called Moors at what is called the University of Salamanca in Spain, not the physical aspect but the educational system, being nothing but a copy of the university of Djenne of ancient Ghana, which was burned to the ground and rebuilt as the university of Timbuk, which the French later called Timbuktu. The Moors then conquered Portugal and southern France and Iberia – now Spain and established the University system. The earliest Greeks were trained by the Africans at the Subordinate lodges of Croton and Delphi, and the Subordinate or Grande lodges in a place called Waset which the Greeks later changed to Thebes, and the current Arabs changed to Luxor”. –  Dr. Yosef Ben Jocannan

The Moors

When Black Men Ruled Europe

  The word Moor is derived from the word murus, which means, “Dark-skinned”. Moors was a term given by Europeans to Berbers, who were the indigenous people of North Africa. The Berbers lived in Morocco long before the arrival of the Arabs in North Africa.

The period 476-800 is known as the dark ages of Europe, 90% of Europe was illiterate.

The Moor’s entry into Spain was brought on by the need for revenge. Count Julian was a noble of the Gothic King Roderick. Julian held the fortress of Ceuta on the African coast for King Roderick, Julian sent his daughter to King Roderick to receive her Education; whereupon she was raped by the King. She would appeal to her father for help, the request for territory and revenge would result in the invitation of the Moors to invade Spain.

Black Invasion Vs White Invasion

The Moors would rule Spain from 711-1492, 781 years. However, the white invasion of Africa and the Black invasion of Europe cannot be compared. The white invasion of Africa was meant to destroy its people and impoverish Africa. Conversely, the Black invasion of Europe resulted in the enrichment of Europe. The Moors introduced 17 new universities, people from Italy, France, Germany, and other European countries flocked to Spain to learn from the Moors. When the Moors invaded Spain they did not prevent Europeans from speaking their language or destroy their culture. They did not place them in chains, and they did not destroy the concepts they had of themselves. More importantly, The Moors did not miss-educate the Europeans. The White invasion of Africa was the exact opposite.

African Knowledge

The Black rule of Europe would last nearly 800 years, during this period Spain would be a shining example of a civilized and enlightened state. Cordova would become the Moors capital city in Spain. It would quickly become the largest most grandiose city in Europe. It had large schools to which people came from across Europe to study science, mathematics, philosophy, and medicine; not to mention Cordova contained the modern marvel of street lighting.

The University System

The universities of Bologna in Italy 1188, Oxford University England in 1200, The University of Valencia Spain 1209, The University of Toulouse, France in 1223. The University of Naples in 1224, the University of Padua, Italy in 1228. The University of Rome in 1245, the University of Salamanca in Spain 1250, the University of Cambridge, England 1257, the University of Cordova in Portugal 1259, the University of Lisbon, Portugal 1290. The people that would later start all of the aforementioned Universities in Europe were students at the original Cordova and thus educated by the Moors.

Moorish Woman Teaching a European woman to Bathe

Personal Hygiene

The Moors introduced new crops such as cotton, silk, rice, sugar cane, saffron, pomegranate, ginger, lemon, peach, fig, and oranges, which are main products in Spain to this day. The Moors also introduced the compass to Europe from China. Moorish rulers lived in large extravagant palaces while the monarchs of England, France and Germany dwelt in large barns without windows, with holes cut into the roof for smoke to exit, because they had no chimneys. The Moors would introduce Europeans to paper, toothpaste and bath soap as well as personal hygiene, prior to this Europeans did not bathe regularly.

A Very Clear Distinction

There is a very clear distinction between The Black invasion of Europe and the White invasion of Africa. The Moors entry into Europe would bring it out of the dark ages by introducing Europe to Mathematics, Science, Agriculture, Technology, medicine and the Architecture that would become famous throughout Europe and the modern world.