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  • African History; Not Taught in Western Classrooms

    Ancient African civilizations are the foundation of human history. For thousands of years, the world has marveled at the excellence of Africa, its innovations, literature, science, technology, and architecture. Conversely, Africa and her achievements are rarely touted in Western classrooms where they prefer to credit the greatness of Africa to the Greek and Roman cultures. Here we will highlight a few of the interesting facts about Africa that are not taught in Western classrooms.

  • Meet Sigidi KaSenzangakhona (Shaka Zulu) 1787-1828

    “I need no bodyguard at all, for even the bravest men who approach me, get weak at the knees and their hearts turn to water, whilst their heads become giddy an incapable of thinking as the sweat of fear paralyzes them.” – Shaka Zulu